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Signature Experiences

Double Rainbow Ritual

Anguilla is known for the frequent sighting of double rainbows and during this signature treatment, surrender to pure relaxation from two therapists. One therapist begins with a signature welcoming back restorative ritual treatment. As you begin to enjoy the skin illuminating facial, your relaxing massage will continue to ensure your entire body will be restored and renewed.

90 minutes $290

Iconic Facial

Using the healing power of Swiss glacial spring water, medical grade pure collagen, and a full strand of triple DNA, this facial is an anti-aging powerhouse. By combining these three elements with the signature Valmont facial massage that touches the physical and mental wellbeing of your entire body, your skin's suppleness and resilience will be restored at the cellular level. You can enhance the results of this facial further by infusing the products deeper into the dermis, or by adding a controlled gentle microderm upgrade.

90 minutes $280

Earth and Air Ritual

Let your mind and spirit take flight to a place of inner tranquility. In this Amerindian inspired ritual we begin the journey by opening and grounding your chakras. We then use the power of incense, sage and heated stones to cleanse the body and free you from all negative energy.

90 minutes $265

Viceroy Trilogy

Founded on the principles of Balance, Breath and Beauty, this three step massage voyage removes energetic and emotional blockages that hinder your true self expression. Beginning with a welcoming foot scrub ritual, the therapist will then unite the power of essential oil blends (lemon grass, bergamot and chamomile), colored silk veils and the strength of your personal intentions to assist in this soul purifying massage. You will be brought to a state of deep peace and internal harmony.

75 minutes $250

For spa reservations, please call +1 264 497 7000.

Massage Collection

Blue Tranquility

Like the turquoise bays of Anguilla, this gentle and flowing massage will lull you into a state of deep relaxation and peace to leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. Escape to serenity.

60 minutes $140
90 minutes $190

Deep Sea

Personalized to focus on areas that require deeper work, this massage uses an array of techniques including compression, stretching and firm pressure customized to your level of comfort. This is the ideal way to help your body heal and recover from days of play and fun in the sun.

60 minutes $155
90 minutes $220

Raindrop Harmony

Harness the power of essential oils as they fall like raindrops along your spine. By encouraging the release of habitual holding patterns and energetic blockages, your therapist blends massage, reflexology and stretching techniques to bring you to a state of inner harmony and balance.

90 minutes $210

Great Expectations

Designed to nurture the wellbeing of both expectant mother and child, the therapist will use specialized techniques to relieve the unique stresses and strains experienced during pregnancy.

60 minutes $150

Coral Foot Massage

Treat your feet to the best of both worlds. Combining the Eastern art of reflexology with a delightful foot and lower leg massage, this treatment will stimulate circulatory and lymphatic systems to leave hard working feet walking on air.

30 minutes $60
60 minutes $160

Additional Luxuries

These luxurious additions are available with any massage, facial, or body treatment. 

Hot Stones, LED Light Therapy, Eye Contour Treatment, Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion, Extractions, Lip Contour Treatment, Ultrasonic Product Infusion, Collagen Eye Mask

Aromatherapy Upgrades

Choose from these aromatherapy selections to enhance your experience for $20.

Relaxation, Detoxifying, Muscular Aches, Respiratory 

Hot Stone Upgrade


Please ask about our In-Room Massage services. An additional $50 charge will apply.

For spa reservations, please call +1 264 497 7000.

Body Collection

Honey & Milk Scrub

75 minutes $175

Indulge in a sweet and decadent experience with this exfoliating and restorative treatment that will leave your body with a radiant glow. Enjoy a sugar scrub infuse with milk and honey that will slough-off dead skin cells. Then, the body will be wrapped in a luxurious mineral-rich sea gel to tighten, firm, and nourish skin. This restorative treatment concludes with a deeply moisturizing cream expertly massaged into renewed skin.

Passion Fruit Salt Scrub

75 minutes $180

Escape to a tropical dream with this invigorating treatment designed to soothe the senses and replenish the skin with ingredients found on the island of Anguilla. Begin with a Passion Fruit Sea Salt Scrub to smooth and detoxify the body. Your skin with be primed to receive the nutrients and hydration of a luscious Citrus Vanilla Mask. While your body is wrapped for repose, your scalp and feet are massaged for the ultimate relaxation. A truly transformative treatment that immerses your body with the healing ingredients of the island and leaves it blissfully smooth, soft, and hydrated. 

Chocolate & Coconut Sugar Scrub

90 minutes $220

More satisfying than an extravagant dessert, this treatment will reveal vibrancy to both your face and body with a delightfully aroma-therapeutic blend of chocolate and coconut. Indulge with a decadent and exfoliating Coconut Sugar Scrub followed by a generous layer of our rich, thick Raw Chocolate Body Mousse. This deeply hydrating body treatment infuses the skin with antioxidants and vitamins to nourish and restore. 


Tranquility Wrapped in Blue Detox

90 minutes $275

Purify your body of accumulated toxins with our ultra-effective, exotic green coffee bamboo body scrub that will purge impurities from your skin leaving it smooth, soft and freshly exfoliated. Enjoy a rejuvenating scalp massage followed by a therapeutic facial massage designed to encourage lymphatic movement and the release of impurities from the body. Experience our most therapeutic body treatment and enjoy the benefits of a firmer skin appearance along with a healthy and hydrated glow. 

Back Facial Treatment

60 minutes $150

Transform your back to one that is touchable smooth and clear with this targeted treatment that delivers softening and healing ingredients deep into skin Alpha Hydroxy Acids exfoliates, Aloe Vera softens and medicinal quality Tea Tree Oil eliminates impurities. Relax in a therapeutic body wrap as your therapist massages your scalp for an experience that will not only repair skin, but also nourish it to optima health.  

Sun Repair Treatment

60 minutes $120

Nourishing and repairing, this exquisite tropical sunburn body wrap counteracts premature aging and sun damage, delivering rejuvenating benefits. Your body will be infused with cucumber, essential oils and a splash of yogurt. This tropical wrap is enriched with vitamins and other anti-aging ingredients which will soften your skin. After a cool shower your body will then be enveloped with cooling lavender lotion that will awaken your senses and leave you feeling nourished and hydrated. 

For spa reservations, please call +1 264 497 7000.

Skin Care Collection


Uncover simple, luxuriant pleasures with this therapeutic, hydrating facial. After a gentle cleansing and exfoliation, your esthetician will administer a specialized facial massage with a cream renewing pack to provide hydration, oxygenation, nutrition and repair to your skin - resulting in a radiant complexion.

60 minutes $150

Microdermabrasion Facial

For the ultimate exfoliation, this power facial uses both chemical and technolgical techniques proven to safly clear, smooth, and visibly improve the complexion. After the microdermabrasion treatment, skin is cooled and quenched of its thirst with natural hydrators, then nourished with nutrients and antioxidants that fight environmental damage. Your esthetician will provide a heavenly massage for ultimate comfort and stimulation. Skin will instantly radiate a healthy glow.  

60 minutes $150

Teens Facial

Designed to address the issues specific to skin care needs of teens and young adults, this treatment is customized to provide optimal cleansing and nourishment to minimize the impact and visible signs of hormonal activity.

45 minutes $130

Ultra Hydrating Facial

Replenish moisture deprived skin with this deeply hydrating, luxurious facial. A thorough, nourishing cleanse is followed by a revitalizing mask designed to remove dead, dull skin and encourage fresh, healthy cells to surface. Your skin is then infused with a moisture boosting, multivitamin serum combined with a host of powerful antioxidants designed to restore moisture to dry, overworked skin and help combat the signs of aging. A perfect treatment to resort and reveal your skin's natural radiance. 

60 minutes $150

The World Traveler 

Revive your weary body with this combination facial and leg treatment that aids the body in recovering from the stresses of traveling, working or exercise. Beginning with our signature anti-aging Valmont facial to add hydration and boost cellular metabolism to the face. Next, your therapist will then perform an exclusively designed leg treatment and foot massage that uses a cooling leg tonic to return life and energy to your legs and feet.

90 minutes $300

For spa reservations, please call +1 264 497 7000.

Poolside Treatments

Poolside Pampering

Protect hair from sun damage with our argan oil-infused Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask as you relax by the pool. This intense hydrating mask is designed to restore needed moisture to dry and damaged hair, and this service will leave you feeling refreshed while you bask in the sun.

10 minutes $30

Moroccanoil Enhancements, Relaxing Hydrating Massage

Indulge in a soothing massage as one of our specialists applies a combination of Moroccanoil's signature treatment and Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask to your hair. Infused with argan oil, this aromatic service will leave hair restored, revitalized and refreshed.

10 minutes $40

Poolside Chair Massage

Releasing tension in the neck, back and shoulders, this express treatment may be received wearing either a bathing suit or fully clothed.

15 minutes $40
30 minutes $60

For spa reservations, please call +1 264 497 7000.

More for Men

Gentlemen's Quay 

This rejuvenating treatment addresses the issues specific to men's skin care needs. Cleansing, toning and exfoliation are followed by the application of a triple-action serum that renews and protects skin damaged by shaving. Face the world with confidence and skin glowing with healthiness. 

60 minutes $150

Back Facial Treatment 

Transform your back to one that is touchable smooth and clear with this targeted treatment that delivers softening and healing ingredients deep into skin Alpha Hydroxy Acids exfoliates, Aloe Vera softens and medicinal quality Tea Tree Oil eliminates impurities. Relax in a therapeutic body wrap as your therapist massages your scalp for an experience that will not only repair skin, but also nourish it to optima health.

60 minutes $150

Gentlemen's Pumpkin Enzyme Foot Treatment 

The naturally exfoliating enzymes in a fresh pumpkin will transform your feet from rough to radiant. A deep infusion of essential nutrients offers complete nourishment for your healthiest feet imaginable.  

30 minutes $70

Gentlemen's Manicure 

Present yourself at your best with this express treatment that focuses on cuticle and nail care, complete with a buff polish.  

25 minutes $40

Gentlemen's Pedicure 

Step out with confidence with this express treatment that focuses attention on cuticle and nail care, complete with a buff polish.   

30 minutes $60

For spa reservations, please call +1 264 497 7000.

Salon Collection

Nail Care

Customize your manicure and pedicure with the selection of one of these intriguing fragrances. 
Close Your Eyes - Geranium
Infinitely Loving - Jasmine
Instinctual - Ginger

Mindful Express Service

Enjoy the convenience of a fresh-looking manicure or pedicure with our express service. Select a fragrance, polish color, and simply relax. Nails will be groomed and perfectly polished.

Manicure 25 minutes $35
Pedicure 30 minutes $49

Slow Beauty

Take the time to savor this relaxing treatment beginning with an opening breathing ritual created to suit your mind, body, and spiritual needs. The signature fragrance will allow you to travel through an aroma journey while ultra luxe exfoliating and masque treatments will renew and restore hydration, moisture, and youthful glow. Experience the signature slow beauty massage as it melts away tension and stress while nails are finely groomed and perfectly polished.

Manicure 50 minutes $60
Pedicure 60 minutes $80


Pamper the hardest-working part of your body with this treatment that heals skin-exfoliating fresh, papaya and pineapple fruit enzymes and Lactic Acid. Incredibly rejuvenating, this foot treatment will smooth rough areas while restoring circulation. Your feet will appear noticeably freshened, healthy and sandal-ready.

30 minutes $70

Milk & Honey Foot Treatment

Treat your feet to the ultimate reflexology massage that not only relaxes and stimulates circulation but also purifies and softens the roughest, thickest spots. Accompanied by an inspiring, sweet aroma, this treatment targets calluses and other coarse areas so your feet appear incredibly clean and healthy.

30 minutes $70


French Manicure $25
French Pedicure $29
Polish Change $25
Gel Manicure $70
Gel Pedicure $85

Please ask about our In-Room Nail services, an additional $30 charge will apply. 

Hair Care

Enjoy outstanding results from treatments that use only the highest quality natural active ingredients.

Blow Dry

Allow our specialists to blow dry and style your hair with extra pampering and care. Pricing ranges from $60-$130 based on hair length. Extensions add extra body to the hair and therefore require additional care during the blow dry process. For this reason, an additional $10 will be added for hair extensions. 

Caribbean Braid

$4 each 

Cornrow Braiding

Crown $35
Half $55
Full $75

Revitalizing Scalp Service

Treat yourself with an essential service designed to get to the root of the matter...your scalp. Following a personalized consultation with one of our specialists, your scalp will be expertly refreshed using a Moroccanoil Oil-No-More or Dry-No-More Professional Scalp Treatment, depending on your specific needs. Application is followed by an invigorating scalp massage to increase circulation. Infused with our signature argan oil as well as essential oils—such as organic ginger, lavender and geranium—this revitalizing treatment will improve the condition of your scalp and the quality and shine of your hair.

20 minutes $49

Root-to-Tip Service

Indulge and experience the exceptional benefits of our scalp and hair mask treatments. Let our specialist determine the perfect combination just for you. After a balancing Moroccanoil scalp service, your hair will be revitalized with one of Moroccanoil's unique curative masks. Following a relaxing massage, your hair will be shampooed and conditioned, completing a service that will bring harmony and new energy to your hair.

40 minutes $99


Lip $25
Chin $25
Underarm $45
Bikini $69
Half Leg $69
Full Leg $125
Half Arm $49
Full Arm $75
Back $95
Chest $75
Stomach $69
Brazilian $99
Cheek $29
Lip $15
Eye Brow $39

Bridal & Cosmetic Services

Discover the perfect look for your hair, skin, and nails on your special day with our selection of services and exceptional beauty products. Meet with our professionals for a consultation before the big day in the Spa or in the convenience of your accommodations.

With prior arrangements, we can assist with preparations for hte entire bridal party and create a special experience for all involved. You'll truly treasure the experience of beauty shared with friends and loved ones, or simply an exclusive treat on your special day.

Special Occasion Styling $100
Consultation and Special Occasion Styling $75
Consultation Makeup $70
Special Occasion Makeover $105

For spa reservations, please call +1 264 497 7000.

These luxurious additions are available with any massage, facial or body treatment. Please allow our Spa Associates to guide your selections.

Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion

15 minutes $60

LED Light Therapy

15 minutes $60


15 minutes $30

Collagen Eye Mask

15 minutes $80

Eye Contour Treatment 

15 minutes $60

Lip Contour Treatment 

15 minutes $60

For spa reservations, please call +1 264 497 7000.